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  有機固態照明(OLED)為目前最新的光源,已逐漸被做成室內照明用燈具。其最突出之特性為超越所有人工電光源之光譜,最接近人眼視函數需求及自然光的寬頻光譜涵蓋範圍,以及不需如LED燈具安裝大量的散熱機構。此外其能源效率及輕薄體積、可上下發光、可透明、可調色溫及亮度之特點,使得室內設計及照明設計得以嘗試前所未有的創意,顛覆傳統的設計觀念。儘管如此,相關理論不僅對於燈具二次光學存有明顯誤解,需要修正,其下游應用亦尚未被探索。本研究試圖藉四個階段之模擬實驗,解決這些問題:(1)首先將蒐集相關理論、歸納重要參數,以及購買各國具代表性之光源及燈具樣品,量測其色度及光度參數,並以(2)Solidworks軟體建構足以結合室內空間構件3D燈具及光源模型多種,做為Tracepro光學運算軟體修改其燈具二次光學之重覆過程。由此產生之多種配光曲線檔案,則成為藉Autocad結合DIALux EVO照明設計軟體所建構多個居家及非居家室內場景,如辦公室、餐廳之家具、建材、及照明燈具,(3)其產生之各種3D照明效果,包括「無燈具」照明方式,與計算報表則做為綜合比較各燈具應用參數評估資料,(4)最後,本計畫基於評估結果,以設計論述方式,提出具顛覆性創意之案例。


Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) which is regarded the state-of-the-art light source, is becoming the new focus of general lighting. They are unsurpassable in the senses that their broad-band spectra have high coverage of both the human eye’s photopic sensitivity function and that of the sun light. In addition to their high energy efficacy, they are light weighted, heat-sink-free, transparent thin films, and capable of emitting light beams on both sides of the film, and color/luminance tunable. Such a holistic and unprecedented feature made it possible for interior designers and lighting designers to come up with subversive creations in the coming future. However, there are common misconceptions of OLED’s secondary optical behavior to most upstream industry which entail reasonable justification. The propriety of OLED lumninaires utilization for the downstream industry, including designers and end users calls for exploration as well. To take on these quests, this study intends to conduct a four-stage research procedure. First, while inducing relevant theories of OLED light sources of various sources, OLED luminaire products shall be collected and tested in terms of colorimetrical and photometrical parameters. Second, the tested OLED samples shall be employed in the Tracepro software to add on secondary optical lens or reflectors via a 3D model construction tool: Solidworks. Through such a repeatable steps, light sources shall be integrated with spatial elements such as furniture and construction materials for a collection of candela plot files. In addition, a series of residential and non-residential spaces, such as offices and restaurants are to be constructed via Autocad and DIALux EVO software. In which, the modified OLED candela plot files are imported to spots wherever possible to serve as both the spatial elements and lighting equipment. Third, through ray-tracing calculations, the resultant 3D lighting scenarios and quantitative results are put forth for thorough evaluation in terms of essential parameters and “lampless” lighting effects. Finally, it is intended for this study to conclude with arguments of subversive lighting design ideas on the basis of the above tests and simulations.

Keywords: Organic Light-emitting Diodes, Interior Lighting, Photometry, Candela Plots

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